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Positive thinking: the ladder of conscious love

Posted on Mar 3rd by Harry in Uncategorized

One of the pleasures of time in India is reading the wonderful, opinionated, diverse and rhetorical newspapers… In the UK those who still read newspapers have to put up with commentators whose names aren’t worth mentioning and bigoted and dire columns not worth reading.

So it’s a refreshing contrast in India to read syndicated commentary from eccentric but profound gurus and yogis. We were there for a wonderful wedding celebrated over eight nights first in Hyderabad then Mumbai. And this column by Rajen Vakil seemed very pertinent:

Love is a quest for perfection. It is a ladder that can be climbed through conscious effort.

On the lowest rung are physical attraction, desire, lust. The topmost rung of the ladder is prayer, surrender and union. Between the two is a long journey. If two people can together climb this ladder towards higher levels of perfection, their lives will be full of joy, ecstasy and freedom. On the other hand, if we are stuck on the lower end, our lives are full of pain, suffering, conflict, anger and possibly animalism. Yes, love can transport us to either heaven or hell — it can be the highest yoga or the basest of illusions…

Link to full online version here; worth a read. The young couple whose union we celebrated don’t yet know each other well, but seem well matched. The wedding was fabulous: life imitating art, and the art form in question is Bollywood. We were asked to pray for them; we could do a lot worse than hope to see them successfully climb Rajen Vakil’s ladder.

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