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The ghost of Baynards Park

Posted on Oct 16th by William in A place to live

What do we make of this place, haunted apparently by the ghost of Sir Thomas More?

Where is it now? Burnt to the ground in the 1980s, it seems. But the walled gardens, cottages, bell-tower, gatehouse and lodges survive (albeit horribly neglected). And the location. And the deer (although not, I fear, the cranes after which Cranleigh was named).

Is it possible that an environmentally friendly community-oriented newbuild could do justice to the setting of Henry VIII’s former hunting lodge? Of course it could! what an idea….

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  1. On Oct 27th, Joel Trinder said:

    Hi, just something random, i was born within view of this site and lived around it for most my life. Is it still a possible co-housing site for you. Am living in Swansea now and know the people behind Lammas – things going well with them. Will soon be moving myself – what if i returned to a Bayards co-housing scheme…

  2. On Feb 26th, Ryan said:

    Actually it was Sir George More who is connected with the house. See the wikipedia article for it.

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